A Better Breaking Bad? Almost.

     Netflix’s original series Narcos is the most exciting show to come out this year.

     Narcos depicts the birth of the War on Drugs from both sides, especially in the eyes of Pablo Escobar — played by Wagner Moura from Game of Thrones — the richest criminal ever. Narcos begins its story from when he was a small time smuggler with his brother Horatio Carrillo (Maurice Compte) and was approached by a drug manufacturer that wanted their business.

     On the other side of the story follows the DEA agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) and his struggle to capture Escobar for a fate worse than death, imprisonment on US soil. The times where Murphy comes dangerously close to capturing Escobar are exciting. Yet a sixth of the entire show is him having unconvincing conversations with his wife, which aren’t so heart-racing. And that goes for most characters with wives (except for the romantic scenes). It’s more of a filler than it is character development and backstory. And while half of the shows narrative is read because of the use of spanish and subtitles, it’s definitely more for authenticity than a fault.

     Narcos will appeal to people with certain interest though. If Communist guerillas and power-hungry drug lords sound interesting, this show could be for you. If you’re patiently waiting for the next season of Daredevil to come out, this show could be for you. If you’re tired of looking for something actually interesting on Netflix for a half an hour, this show could be for you.

     Overall Rating: 8.5/10

     The plot, acting, realistic violence, and dark humor are all on point. The forgettable side-characters and filler are holding the show back; evidently, filler is not exactly entertaining when it’s in Spanish.

Written by: Joseph Dittman

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