Don’t Starve

Looking for a new game to pass the time? Klei Entertainment has just the game for your with the nice pass timer, Don’t Starve.

Don’t Starve is a very hard survival video game that was initially released for PC on April 23, 2013. Once it gained its popularity, it was soon released on console, handhelds and on IOS. It is a single-player based game, but you can play multiplayer if you purchase Don’t Starve Together.

When you start a new world, you wake up as the character; Wilson. Once you gain control, your main goal is to survive. What you need to do to survive is to not get killed by the many dangers in this world. You can die by starvation, insanity, creatures of the night, spiders and many more. As an alternative to being the hunted, you can be the hunter by killing rabbits, beefalo, and catch fish. Also, you can even befriend pigmen by feeding them cooked meat. Once these Pigmen are befriended, they will help you hunt, chop down trees and even protect you.

If you get tired of playing as Wilson, you can unlock more by earning xp. To earn xp, you must survive and the longer you live, the more xp you get. Once you get a certain amount of xp, you level up. What leveling up does, is it unlocks more and more characters.

There are 11 characters in Don’t Starve. To unlock all of the characters that you can through xp, you must survive for 96 days in total. Those characters are Willow, Wolfgang, Wendy, WX-78, Wickerbottom, Woodie and Wigfrid. The three characters you cannot unlock by xp are Wes, Webber and Maxwell. Each character has their own perks. Woodie has an axe that he can speak to, while Wendy has a flower that has her sister’s soul trapped inside.

There are three different mechanics to survival. The three are health, hunger and sanity. To keep your health high, you must stay away from dangerous areas or creatures. Obviously, to keep your hunger high, you must eat food that isn’t rotten or bad for you. Lastly, to keep your sanity high, you need to try and do normal things. These things can vary from picking flowers or eating normal foods. At night, your sanity lowers slowly and there is nothing to do about that, unless you sleep in a tent or sleeping bag.

There is also an adventure mode. What adventure mode is is where you go through five challenges. These challenges can vary from it always being winter, or it’s always nighttime. To beat each challenge, you must find all of the portal pieces around the map. Once all of them are collected, you must find the portal base and place them together. You must do this for all five levels and once done, you unlock the character Maxwell.

By: Gabe Pilaczynski

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