Fires Roar Across Northern California

The drought in California has brought the possibility for a major fire to an all time high. It was only a matter of time before fire found its way to the Golden State, but no one could have expected the massive flames that roared across Northern California.

Dead plants and grass make it extremely easy for fire to spread at a rapid pace. Fires erupted all over California, with as many as nine large, active fires going at once. But none were as terrifying destructive as the Valley and Butte fires.

The Valley fire began September 12 and consumed 76,067 acres. This fire has destroyed a total of 1958 houses and left 98 structures damaged. Along with the damage the fire also left 4 firefighters injured, and 4 civilians lost their lives. The Valley Fire, which has become the third-most-destructive fire in California history, left the communities of Cobb, Kelseyville, Middletown, and Hidden Valley Lake devastated.

People are left with a pile of ashes they once called home, and are now wondering if it will ever be the same.

Along with the Valley Fire, the Butte Fire devastated the area of Amador and Calaveras Counties, starting September 9 and ending October 1. The fire destroyed 474 residential houses, 343 outbuildings–such as barns, garages, or sheds–and also left 45 structures damaged. In addition, there were 2 civilian casualties and 1 injury. The Butte Fire is the seventh-most-destructive fire in California history.

Together, the Valley and Butte fires have caused massive amounts of damage to homes and wildlife, with a combined $2 billion in estimated damages.

By: Dylan Fergestrom

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