Meet the Meat: What Really Goes into Your Body?

Before you start eating your next piece of steak, stop and think of the consequences.

You may have heard that red meat is bad for you; but, that is most likely the extent you have heard about it. A Harvard study shows eating one serving of red meat a day could speed up your mortality rate by 13%. Eating one serving of processed red meat, such as bacon or hot dogs, a day could speed up your mortality rate by 20%. This means if you were going to live until you were 100, but had one serving of processed red meat a day, you would die at 80 years old.

There are hormones, such as estradiol or testosterone, given to the cattle to make them more fat and growth rate. The benefit is that the cattle will quickly grow and make money quickly. The downfall of these hormones are that they may increase your risk of getting breast cancer. That’s not the only risk though; clogged or hardened arteries are often a result of a big intake of red meat. There is a compound called carnitine often found in red meats that cause this to happen over time.

“Veal is raised in an abusive environment and is not the healthiest form of meat,” said Rachel Kravitz (11).

Which brings up a good point about the living conditions of the animals. According to the Humane Society of the United States of America, in 2014, there were at least 2.9 billion animal deaths, just for food. Many of these animals, such as pig, chickens or veal, are contained in small cages without any room for movement. We must ask ourselves: Is this an okay thing to do to living beings?

There are many great alternatives to red meat such as white meat, seafood, tofu, and beans. We are often unaware of what we are eating and we need to start realizing what we are putting into ourselves.

By: Sierra Clayton

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