“Water” You Drinking

Since the beginning, humanity has faced a dilemma. One that involved a decision that would affect us forever. Bottled water or tap? That is the question.    

    With the human body being made up of 70%  water, it seems like it would be a priority to get the best water. But is there even a best water? Or are they all the same?

    The world seems to be split right down the middle when it comes to believing that bottled water is different from other brands and tap water. In a survey conducted of 100 students at Benicia High School, 47% drink tap water and 53% drink bottled water. But the truth is, overall, water is water and that’s that.

    Go pick up the last water bottle that you drank out of and just look at it for awhile. Have you noticed anything strange, maybe something that you didn’t see before? Well, if you were observing an Evian bottle anywhere near a mirror, you will realize that Evian is in fact naive spelled backwards. Although we would like to believe otherwise, water bottling companies clearly see the truth: we are being naive by believing that bottled water is better for you than any other water.

    Then there are the companies that freely admit to changing their water. If you were looking at a smart water bottle you might have seen the phrase “You can taste the hydration”. Did you ever think that the reason you can “taste the hydration” is because you’re drinking water? Water is  the best way to stay hydrated, no wonder you feel better after drinking it.

    Water companies like Fiji, Evian and Smart Water say that their water is clean and free of chemicals. But they seem to leave out one important fact. When the water is packaged into water bottles, toxins from the plastic are released into the oh-so-pure water. One of these toxins is called Bisphenol A or BPA. BPA is used to harden plastic and has been used for forty years, even though it is shown to cause problems with your brain, behavior, and prostate in fetuses. BPA is not found in tap water.

    As it turns out, if one type of water would be nutritionally better than the other, it would be tap water due to the fact that tap water has minerals like zinc and fluoride. Despite this fact bottled water costs thousands of times more than tap water. This is because of the bottle itself.  

    So what is the answer to the question that has been taunting us for years you ask? For me the answer is clear, clearer than mountain spring water… pun intended. Tap water is the way to go.

By: Lily Hayward

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