Snapchat Update

On September 15th Snapchat released a new update that sent the world of snapchatters everywhere into a swirling jumble of fun.

The new update adds many new filters for peoples’ pictures. A new filter is released every day. The filters make it possible to transform faces into anything from a screaming ghost to a floating head in a fish tank, or even to a random rosy cheeked life form that pukes rainbows and happiness.

Speaking of happiness, the new update has brought joy to most people. In a survey of one hundred students at Benicia High School, 78% enjoy the update while a mere 22% do not. “It’s pretty cool, it really spices up my conversations.” said Madi Goodmiller (11). Infact so many people like Goodmiller loved the update so much that it was a trending tag on Instagram for 3 days.

Also included in the update are awards and rewards that people can earn by completing milestones while snapchatting. People can earn rewards by basically doing anything on Snapchat such as taking ten snaps with the selfie camera and/or the frontal camera, taking videos, switching the camera view while taking a video, and many many more. “It makes me want to experiment with all the functions Snapchat has.” said Sam Beyer (12).

Now every once in awhile, well very often actually, the filters don’t pick up the outline of  faces and the image either mutates into a smaller head or it doesn’t appear at all. This causes the person taking the snap to look remotely like a walrus having a stroke. “Snapchat was lame to begin with but it’s slightly less lame when you see people making faces to get it to work” exclaimed Snapchat outsider Megan Saari (10).

Snapchat has set the bar and shown that they can make an update that is worth while. Leaving people with the question; Can they do it again?

By: Lily Hayward

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