The Best Game in 2k History?

Are you excited about of the newest edition of NBA 2K? Well you’re not alone. NBA 2K16 is one of the most anticipated games this year.

Scheduled to be released on September 29, NBA 2K16 will be available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC. But if you pre-order it, you will be allowed to receive the game four days in advance of the initial release date.

2K has also announced to the public that NBA 2K16 will have a Michael Jordan Special Edition, which includes some memorabilia, Michael Jordan’s most epic moments, and other in-game content for $79.99. This version of 2K16 will only be available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC in both physical and digital formats.

“I’m excited about this year’s NBA 2K’s special edition,” said Michael Jordan. “NBA 2K16 allows gamer’s young and old to not only experience and recreate some of my greatest moments on the basketball court, but also customize their player’s with Jordan shoes and apparel.”

2K announced that 2K16 will be featuring music from award winning Trio hip-hop producer DJ Premier, renowned producer DJ Khaled, rap/pop producer DJ Mustard.This year the game will have the most extensive soundtrack in NBA 2K history w/ over 50 tracks and a contribution total of six new exclusive tracks to this year’s title.

2K sports officially revealed the cover of NBA 2K16 that features players Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, and James Harden. They have also started revealing classic teams of the game such as the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers 2000-2001 championship team.

By: Josh Choi

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