Homecoming court and spirit week

Shcool Purposes only

During fourth period on Wednesday, October 7, twelve names were announced bringing excitement to the students of Benicia High School. The title of freshmen prince and princess were given to Kobe Tooch and Meghan Flores. The sophomores on the court are Koe Alava and Jessica Calderon. Juniors can excitedly say their prince and princess are Fernando Lanza and Paula Pagalan. After a fun week filled with friendly games at lunch, Friday night homecoming football game brought us the king and queen of the kingdom of Benicia High School. A congratulation is in order to Brooklyn Price and Jason Shelly.

On Monday the students showed up participating in the cultural appreciation day. There was everything from togas to leis. Students had a blast showing their appreciation for the multiple cultures.

Tuesday brought the past to life. Many people walked around in tie-dye and peace signs for the sixties.While other people wore polka dots and red lipstick to symbolize the fifties. There were a ton of different decades represented on this fun spirit day.

Wacky Wednesday was a huge success from high socks to tutus. There was tails and ears and mismatched clothing. The way to dress up for this day was easy, reach into your closet and pull out the first thing you feel!

Thursday was an adventure through the jungle with everything from giraffes to stuffed tigers. Looking around you would see many people in Hawaiian shirts or dressed ready for a safari.

Blue and gold rocked the school on Friday. There were tutus and face paint all around the school. Our school had spirit coming out of every crack!

Written by: Sierra Clayton

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