Carve Your Way into Halloween


     PumpkinFall is now here and with that comes the change of leaves, the crisp air, and Halloween. Halloween is my favorite time of the year, what’s not to like about it? There is candy, costumes, and pumpkin carving. Pumpkin carving can be a source of enjoyment for all ages. There are many different ways you can decorate or carve your pumpkin. If you do not feel like cutting open a pumpkin and carving it then there are other unique ways to decorate it. These can be very simple with a limited amount of supplies.

     One easy idea is putting sparkle on the bottom of the pumpkin. For this all you need is a pumpkin, masking tape, spray glue, and any color of sparkle. The first step is to put masking tape where you wish to divide the sparkle and non-sparkle. After that is done, spray the glue over the pumpkin and then put the sparkle over the glue. Let it dry and then take the masking tape off. It’s that simple.

     Another idea would be a painted pumpkin with a glittered stem. For this you need a pumpkin, craft acrylic paint, mod podge glue, and glitter. Paint the pumpkin the desired color. Wait overnight for it to dry before you begin the stem. For the stem, apply mod podge to it and then cover it in glitter. Voila – a beautiful pumpkin.

     If you do want to carve your pumpkin but you don’t want it to be the traditional jack-o-lantern, then try a Tinkerbell design. For this you need a pumpkin, a drill, a printed out Tinkerbell silhouette, tape, a push pin, and a pumpkin carving knife. First you open the pumpkin and take the seeds out. When that is done, tape the Tinkerbell silhouette to the pumpkin. Next you use the push pin to outline the silhouette. Take the paper off and cut out where you have the dots. Use the drill to make little holes that will represent fairydust surrounding and following Tinkerbell. Put a candle in it and you’re done.

     Halloween is a time for scare and a time for fun. While some people love to go to haunted houses and scream others like to stay at home with a cup of tea and cuddled in blankets. Either way it is nice to come home and see your house decorated for this fun season. Pumpkin carving is a way for any age to get into that spirit. So grab a pumpkin and get carving!   

Written by: Sierra Clayton

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