Walking Dead Gets a New Beginning


Fear the Walking Dead

     Back in late 2010, AMC (American Movie Channel) released a brand new show under the title, The Walking Dead, since then it has gone into five whole seasons and is soon beginning a sixth season. You either religiously watch this show, have never heard of it, or just don’t care for it, but it undoubtedly has a gigantic fan base.

     AMC has released a new series, a companion series as they call it, called Fear The Walking Dead. Instead of taking place in the main series location, IE Georgia, Southeast in the USA,  this story is set in the same universe as The Walking Dead, but with a whole new cast of characters in Los Angeles, California. Fear the Walking Dead takes place before the events of the main series, providing more insight into how the apocalypse started and even who/what it may have been caused by.

     “It’s not just like The Walking Dead…and the characters are down-to-earth, regular people with regular problems — nowhere near like the battle-hardened Rick Grimes…”, said Dave Erickson, co-creator of the series, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

     With the original creator of The Walking Dead (Robert Kirkman), alongside with a very experienced screenwriter, this companion series had a good chance at being as good as the original. While it might not have reached the same status as the original series, it definitely made a valiant attempt.  

     Fear the Walking Dead put their best foot forward with a brand new cast of characters. Kim Dickens, mostly known for the movies Gone Girl, and The Blind Side, Cliff Curtis, known for his part in Live Free Or Die Hard, as well as many other actors joined the Walking Dead family. Having this new cast  in a whole new setting may be a bit hard to work with for some fans. It seems that they have a great cast of actors that have plenty of experience. As The Walking Dead did, they didn’t cast actors that everyone would know of right off the bat. They do this to keep the characters genuine and believable, as opposed to just another actor.

     Fear The Walking Dead has definitely been a different approach for the apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead. So far it has received a 7.6/10 on imdb and is, for the most part, getting good feedback from fans.

     Overall,  the cast was great, new characters were really nice to see. It’s acting at some points seemed a little odd as far as line delivery. The general storytelling was really good and the show provides scenes you would never see in The Walking Dead. Who knows–Fear The Walking Dead could be as big of a hit as the original.

Written by: Vincenzo Vinatieri

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