Benicia High School Fights to Save Water.



      If you’ve walked around the Benicia High School campus recently, chances are you’ve seen some of the new drinking fountains with refill stations available for water bottles. These are just the start of what BHS is doing to address the California water crisis.

     It was four years ago when the historic drought started to give California a panic among the state’s government and citizens. 93% percent of California’s citizens have been affected by it and their worries only increase with knowledge that the drought does not look like it is ending anytime soon.

     Researchers went up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to analyze the snowpack and predict how much precipitation should fall that coming year. The snowpack that they analyzed is where California’s citizens get 70% of our precipitation in a year. Regrettably, they found that California will be losing 40% of their water in 2016.

     Here at Benicia High School Vice Principal Thompson explained, “a lot of water conservation efforts that do take place come from the district level at the maintenance operations department.” He further elaborated,“reducing water in terms of long term, we are getting a new stadium and part of that stadium is going to be turf.”

     It was April 1, 2015, when California Governor Jerry Brown announced all water restrictions are mandatory and to take place immediately. Gov. Brown stated that 25 percent of water will be cut from all California cities and towns a year. Golf-courses, medians in streets, campuses, and cemeteries are having to cut down on water as well.

By introducing the new turf field and maintaining other conservation efforts, BHS hopes to do their part in getting California through this difficult time.

Written by: Taylor Souza

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