Who will be the change in America’s Democracy?

Dolla Dolla Bill

     Whether or not a person leans left or right, or is even concerned with politics, it is not hard to wonder who will brave through the next year and become the United States of America’s forty-fifth president. If a person is a high school student, a kindergarten student or even an eighty-year old, most people are concerned about who our commander-in-chief will be. There are many candidates in which all sorts of people have faith in, some being Clinton, Sanders and even Trump. And according to Real Clear Politics website, the previously mentioned candidates have been at the top of their political parties polls since the end of August. The U.S. has already had a few Bushes and a Clinton in the oval office, but never a Trump or Sanders.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, having been the First Lady of the United States for eight years, knows her way around the oval office. Along with being a former U.S. Senator and the United States Secretary of State, she knows a thing or two about politics. In this generation of time, equality has been challenged immensely. First with an African American president, and now people are calling for a woman as president. According to Clinton’s Four Fights she is focused on helping families, students, and small businesses when it comes to dealing with the economy. If Clinton is president there is promise of an increase in wages and high-quality care for families, along with decreases in tuition debt and small businesses financial crises.

    Bernie Sanders is currently a senator of Vermont. He was formerly a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and a mayor of a town in Vermont. Sanders is currently running for president as an independent. Most candidates seem to focus on similar issues, but Sanders seems to be fixated on climate change and the issue of large financial institutions such as Wall Street.

    Donald Trump, who is making headlines for the GOP, was a respected business-man for years, that is until he announced his presidential campaign and since then has burned many bridges. Trump, having never been an elected official of the United States government, is somewhat of a rookie compared to the other candidates, except this week alone he has had a 30% increase in polls. Yet he still speaks on issues without the use of a filter, and a big issue he discusses currently is immigration reform. Some might see Trump as being the candidate who says things that others won’t.

    There are many other candidates but these few hit the headlines with both their political and personal lives. Obama has less than 450 more days in office and then it’s onto the next. Will it be one of these three favored hopefuls? Or will someone else rise up to the occasion. The United States has a long year ahead, so let’s see who will be the triumphant candidate on November 8th, 2016.

Written by: Bailey Ilomin

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