5 Exciting New Shows Waiting To Be Watched

By:  By Vincenzo Vinatieri

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, we all love to be lazy and binge-watch some of our favorite shows for hours on end. Whether you like action, horror, crime dramas or comedy, this year has spawned some great shows to satisfy your TV show hunger.



  • Better Call Saul


Everyone remembers Breaking Bad. Even if you’ve never watched it you at least knew the general idea. High school chemistry teacher, Walter White, turns to a life of crime with an old student of his. Six years before he was Walter White’s lawyer, Saul Goodman was just a small-time scam artist who later became a lawyer looking for his shot to make it big. Along his way, Saul gets into some trouble with the law, which is odd since he IS a lawyer. This funny, yet serious, crime drama will have you watching for hours.


  1. Daredevil

If you like superheroes, this show is definitely for you. Matt Murdock is a small-time lawyer in New York City. As a young man he was in an accident which resulted in the loss of his vision, but with great blindness comes great responsibility. Murdock may work in a court of law by day, but by night he lives an entirely different life. With enhanced senses from his blindness, Matt Murdock dons his suit and becomes Daredevil, a crime fighting vigilante. Watch this Netflix series if you’re looking for some action, superheroes, or even a good crime drama.


  1. Narcos

If you were a fan of the show Breaking Bad, your gonna want to hear about this show. Throughout history, serious, almost unbelievable, crimes have occurred. Narcos follows the non-fiction story of the leader of the Medellin Cartel, Pablo Escobar. Viewers also follow United States DEA agent, Steve Murphy, who is on the hunt for Escobar. This is a really intense crime drama about the Colombian Drug Wars of the late 1900s. If you like crime dramas or thriller shows, you’ll love Narcos for sure.


  1. Blindspot

Crime dramas sure do seem to be a trend this year. An amnesiac woman was found in a duffel bag in New York City’s Time Square. By closer examination, they see that her body is entirely covered in mysterious tattoos. After the FBI looks closer at these tattoos, they realize that each tattoo is a piece to the puzzle of the crime. If you like intriguing mystery in your shows, then you should look into Blindspot.


  1. Bloodline

Families usually have their own strange secrets. The Rayburn family, which consists of John, Danny, Meg, Kevin, Diana, Robert and Sally Rayburn, has a secret of their own. When the oldest son of the family returns home, he immediately causes turmoil. Danny has brought some trouble with the law involving his family’s secrets with him. The family must now learn how to cope with their secret being at risk of ruining the family’s reputation. It has also been announced that new season will air next year so be sure to look out for that. This Netflix thriller/drama will leave you speechless and wondering.





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