Netflix Dominates with First Original Movie, Beasts of No Nation

By: Joseph Dittman

 Good war movies are usually entertaining, but they eventually become saturated in the consequence of being based on real wars. As a result, only a handful of controversies or regions are covered over and over again, with little consideration for the other violent strifes in the world. Wouldn’t it be nice for a war-based movie to center around a lesser-known but equally tragic event that hasn’t been depicted ad nauseum? This is what the recent film, Beasts of No Nation, has excelled at.

    Set in modern times, Beasts of No Nation depicts the life of a child soldier in Africa. It begins with our main character, Agu, played by Abraham Attah, happy in his village. Events quickly transpire when government forces begin shooting at the people of the village. They kill everyone; including Agu’s father and brother. After running aimlessly through the jungle, he is found by a group of rebels that brings him with them.

    Agu’s story really begins when he is introduced to The Commandant, played by Idris Elba. The Commandant’s cool personality and deceptive ways convince Agu to join his army and kill the government forces that killed his family. Agu is sent to initiation, testing his strength but breaking his mind. He’s then put on the front lines, witnessing all the horrors of war.

    Being Netflix’s first full length movie they’ve produced, it is a excellent movie. With its amazing acting, vibrant settings, portrayals of hopeless people and disturbing images, it can even be considered a masterpiece that compares to movies featured on the big screen. With a IMDB score of 8.0, Beasts of No Nation is a must see for anyone who wants a movie with an original setting and captivating plot.





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