Fall Play Our Town Charms Benicia High

By: Megan Saari

The fall play for this year was Our Town by Thornton Wilder. The play is a little different than what one usually sees performed at BHS. The usual plays here are more light hearted and funny whereas this play is more serious and doesn’t make you laugh as much. Regardless of its serious tone it was still entertaining and contained many prevalent themes.

    The show talks about a small town called Grover’s Corners during the early 1900’s, in the town live the Gibbses and the Webbs. In the first act we witness the daily life of Grover’s Corners.The second act shows young love at its core; we see Emily Webb (played by Pilar Gonzales) and George Gibbs (played by Wynton Doty) fall in love and get married, and what it means to be married. In the third act we learn about life and death. The audience is shown how the dead learn that life is precious, and how the living seldom appreciate it. The actors could not have done a better job, and on the closing night, they were all very sad to say goodbye to the parts and play that they came to love. The director, assistant director, the stage manager and everyone else who helped build this production from the ground up did a marvelous job making the play wonderful.    

   The show does not include the use of props, and has a limited use of scenery, which consisted mostly of antique chairs and a white screen in the back. Instead, the setting is explained by a recurring narrator, giving the audience a chance to suspend disbelief throughout the play.

    The lack of technology also brings forth an increasingly relevant message for our world today. The world is becoming much more compounded as technology becomes ingrained into our culture day after day.

    Eliza Partika (12) ( Musician/Woman in Balcony/ Dead) said of the theme, “It’s looking at how you should just pay attention to the simpler things, especially nowadays. This play was about putting down our screens and just getting back to the simpler things.”

    In this day and age we are so absorbed by our phones and other electronics that we don’t have the time to just look at people and really see them or talk to them. No one just talks to one another anymore, we are so absorbed in ourselves that we don’t notice others. It is refreshing to see a play that truly delves into this idea in such a simple, yet meaningful manner.


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