Local Bands Echoes in Absence

By: Tess Ritter 

Looking for some good music? You won’t have to look very far thanks to Benicia band, Echoes in Absence.

    Echoes in Absence consists of Jonathan Park (12), Hank Nelson (12), Logan Cruz, and Christopher Park. These musicians all live here in Benicia. This is an indie-pop band that has been together for about 4 years. Jonathan Park (12), the lead singer, says that the main inspirations for his band are City and Colour and Death Cab for Cutie. In recent shows, they’ve played at Red House in Walnut Creek, Gilman in Berkeley, ABC music here in Benicia, and many other venues.

    About being in the band, Hank Nelson (12), the bassist, said,”It’s lit.”

    Echoes in Absence’s shows are generally held to be a very enjoyable and personal experience. Samantha Harik (11) said of the shows,, “What makes Echoes’ shows so awesome is that the band is such good friends with everyone in the crowd. It makes you feel really involved and included, like you’re a part of the show”.

    The band has an EP out on iTunes and Spotify called Stories, featuring songs like “Airplanes” and “Half Heartedly.”

    The date of the next Echoes in Absence show is unknown at the moment but will be all over social media when the time comes. For more information about upcoming shows and albums, follow Echoes in Absence on Instagram @echoesinabsence.


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