Improv Shows Bring Quality Laughter to Benicia

By: Tess Ritter

Tired of the same old bit of entertainment where you can always predict what’s going to happen next? Looking for something a little more fresh and unpredictable? Then look no further than Benicia High School Improv team.

    The varsity improv team has had three shows so far this school year. Both of the improv teams work hard and are arguably lacking appreciation for their incredible talents. You have to be extremely bright and open minded to think up this kind of comedy on the spot.

   The captain for varsity is Zachary Cherry (11), and the captain of the junior varsity team is Kiernan Besh (11). Both teams practice twice a week to get their improvisation skills up to par.

    With all this hard work, everyone participating has a great time with plenty of laughs. On being a part of the varsity improv team, Noah Cobb (11) said, “I like gettin’ up on stage and messing around. It’s a great group of people on the varsity improv team. And I have the freedom to be whoever I want in any situation.”

    Varsity improv’s most recent show was on the Friday before Halloween. They put on a hilarious act and they also had a costume contest during intermission. Many people participated but first prize, a 50 dollar Visa gift card, went to Danny Manzo (11) who dressed as a grandma and also participated in the show in a game called, “A Day in the Life.”

    Although currently undetermined, typically, improv shows are on a Friday at 7:00pm for $3 at the door. Don’t miss out on all the great stuff going on with a handful of the funniest people on campus. Be there or assume the geometric configuration of a quadrilateral with congruent lateral dimensions!



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