5 New Netflix Shows of 2016

By: Vinnie Vinatieri


It’s a new year with a fresh palette of entertainment! New movies, new video games, new trends, and even new Netflix shows. There are a lot of new shows and seasons of older shows coming out this year. Here is five of some of the most hyped up shows of 2016.



  • Fuller House


   We all remember the classic 90s sitcom Full House. Not only did it make us laugh, it taught us life lessons. A teaser has been released that shows shots from the original show, like the Golden Gate Bridge and their house. The set looks almost identical to the one on the original show which will surely bring some nostalgia. Probably the best part of this series is that all of the original actors, except for the Olsen twins, will be coming back. If you watched Full House as a kid, then this nostalgic reboot series will definitely be for you.

  1. Marvel’s Luke Cage

    Marvel is at it again with another series. In the past, Marvel has made Marvel’s Jessica Jones which was quite successful. Luke Cage, played by Mike Colter, was the tough bartender from Marvel’s Jessica Jones will return but to play a much bigger role. Colter has told IGN Entertainment that this new series will be “completely different” compared to the previous series. Colter also states that it will have a very strong soundtrack that will immerse you into the environment of the show. If you liked previous Marvel series or just like superheroes, you’re going to enjoy this series.

  1. The Ranch

   If you were a fan of That 70’s Show than you’re going to be a fan of this new show. Although they aren’t the same characters, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson have returned in this new Netflix series. The two will star as brothers who own a ranch in Colorado. Neither of them intended to work  there, but since it was the family business, they were obligated to. If you want a new comedy that could be a lot like That 70’s Show than you’re going to like The Ranch which is scheduled to premiere in 2016.

  1. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    The original books by Lemony Snicket have been brought back from the dead to be made into a new show. These books revolved around three orphans, Klaus, Violet, and Sunny Baudelaire as they live with their new guardian, Count Olaf. The show is supposed to follow the book series’ story pretty much identically. If you’ve read the books than you’re going to love the show.

  1. The Frontier

    Finally, an action/adventure drama to contrast all of these comedies and superhero shows. This series, set in the late 18th century, stars Jason Momoa and will involve North American and Europeans during the fur trade. This series will be full of action as traders, including Momoa’s character, try to gain wealth and power. Netflix even promises this show will have “close-quarter hatchet fights”. If you’re a junkie for action with an 18th century charm, then Frontier is for you.

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