Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

By: Tess Ritter

Have you ever suspected any connections with cartoons and the real world? If so, you’re not alone. These are four kids shows that have been interpreted differently than you may have thought, but actually make a ton of sense.

    The Smurfs: The smurfs are friendly just little blue cartoons with white caps that spend their lives solving innocent life problems to teach kids life lessons…or are they? There are many rumors going around that the smurfs were white supremacists, patriarchal misogynists, closeted communists, members of the KKK, and even satan worshippers. One example of them being white supremacists is that every character wears a pointy white hat, except for the leader, who wears a red hat. This is similar to the look of the KKK. Another example is the fact that when the smurfs become ill, their skin turns black, their words become unintelligible and they become completely mentally disabled. They’ve done plenty of things to subliminally put down certain genders and races. The question is how they got away with it.

    Fairly Odd Parents: This theory is definitely believable about Timmy Turner and his Fairy Godparents. The theory is that Timmy’s godparents represent the antidepressants called Zoloft and Prozac. To justify this, they showed up as his problems arrived and threaten to be taken away every time he shows that he doesn’t need them anymore. Also, there are serious consequences every time Timmy abuses his fairy’s powers, or, in other words, abuses his drugs.

    Toy Story 3: Being an almost perfect match, Toy Story 3 is allegedly reflection of the Holocaust. After you think of it this way, you can’t think of it in any other way. First of all, the toys without a doubt represent the Jewish people in this situation. Also, Andy going off to college represents the Jews’ host nations leaving them behind with no protection. It reflects Anne Frank when Woody suggests they hide in the attic for safety once they know that Andy is leaving. They hide for a bit, but soon they get caught and sent to Sunnyside Daycare, or, the concentration camp. At this concentration camp, they are being treated badly by the children (chewing, throwing, coloring on them), with the kids representing the Nazis. The fellow toys that turned on them, such as Lotso and his friends, represent the Jewish police, who soon sent them to the incinerator to be burned to death. In this heart-warming scene, the toys are all saved by the aliens, which is very close to the word “allies” who did the same for the Jews in the real world. Now, even though this is cleverly thought out and clearly represents what happened in the 1940’s, it can still be portrayed as an innocent movie about a band of toys that face a great adventure.

    Spongebob Squarepants: There are actually a number of theories that are going around about Spongebob seeing as it’s been around for almost 17 years. One theory is that every main character represents one of the deadly sins. Spongebob being lust for loving everyone, Patrick as sloth for being slow and lazy, Squidward as wrath for all the anger he distributes, Mr. Krabs as greed for slews wanting money, Sandy as pride for knowing her worth, Plankton as envy for his jealousy for the restaurant, and Gary as gluttony for just sitting and eating (but you can’t really blame him, he’s a snail).This is believable since every characteristic that is given fits almost perfectly. Another theory is that the show is all about drugs. Spongebob is on meth with his energetic personality, Patrick smokes marijuana due to his endless appetite, Squidward does heroin from his calm/ tired attitude, Mr. Krabs is on cocaine because he’s always yelling, and Sandy is an alcoholic because she messes up every episode she’s in in some way. This is also a reasonable explanation for the characters’ varying personalities. Spongebob is also rumored to be the most gifted character shown on television. This is justifiable because of the episode where he masters Squidward’s art class better than Squiddy himself. Also, the episode where he gets Squidward’s band class together and fixes the mess that Squidward made out of them, one upping him again. Not to mention the various skills he has that not many other people can do; for example making a perfect patty, blowing bubbles, and catching jellyfish. This shows us that Spongebob is no doubt an unrecognized prodigy.

    Now, some of these may sound crazy, but entertainment has many interpretations. This all comes with today’s imagination (imaginaaaaaaaation). Coincidence or not, these all are arguably the best (darkest?) explanations for the backgrounds of these kid’s shows.



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