League of Legends: Mount Targon And Aurelion Sol

aurelion sol     In almost every single game there is a lore or story line that brings a certain feel to the game. League of Legends has a very deep lore that creates a new world called Rune Tera.

    Riot recently reworked three champion lores; Leona, Diana, and Pantheon, to bring in Mount Targon, the place of myths and dreams. Once Mount Targon was added to the new lores, Riot decided to release the preview of Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger.

    Aurelion Sol is a powerful cosmic dragon that has roamed the stars throughout the universe, creating new planets and stars in his wake had been drawn to a new race; humans. Seeking a deeper connection with his found creation, he revealed himself in the stars above Mount Targon. The Targonian’s were the only civilization on top of Mount Targon and witnessed this awe and fear inducing display of swirling stars in the night sky. Once the display was over, the Targonian’s gifted him with a crown of star-gems.

    This was no ordinary crown; as he drifted farther and farther away from the crowns creators, he began to hear arguing voices in his head. Outraged that his creation was trying to control and manipulate him he attempted to remove the crown off his head. He could not get rid of the “gift”; it seemed to be no gift at all.

    Aurelian Sol is a mage that has yet to have an assigned role. Based on the preview of his abilities he may be some sort of jungler, and may also be played in the mid lane. The particle effects and some of the abilities are based around space and the solar system. Even his original skin show how he blends in with the stars of the galaxy; henceforth never seeing him until he self reveals. Riot Games has out done themselves once again.

Written by: Beau Deems

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