10 Cloverfield Lane Review

10 Cloverfield Lane is a jarring and intense thriller that makes anyone who sees it sit on the edge of their seat the whole ride through.

The story revolves around Michelle, a woman who flees her home and a relationship only to get into a bad car accident. She wakes up to find herself in a bunker with a man named Howard who claims he saved her life and that everyone outside of the bunker is dead because of a supposed large scale attack.

A great part of the movie is its strong female protagonist. Michelle is very smart and is actually a step ahead of the audience throughout the whole movie. She makes tools, connections, and is a survivor. You will never be screaming at her to not go in there or to use something behind her as a weapon because she is intelligent and already knows.

Throughout the movie, the audience and Michelle are lead on about whether or not Howard is crazy. The movie is foremost a thriller in how intense a lot of its moments are. However, it is also a science fiction movie like its predecessor, Cloverfield. In addition, the movie holds many mystery elements as Michelle tries to find out about Howard’s past.

This is a fantastic movie and I’d recommend it to anyone. Yes it is related to Cloverfield but if you’re going to see it for the giant monsters in Cloverfield, you will be disappointed. The films are related and theorized to take place simultaneously. This is a movie about captivity and mystery.

On a side note, the movie does have horror elements and should be commended for its use of subtle budding danger and terror rather than jump scares and other cheap overused Hollywood clichés. The two or three jump scares that are there are completely warranted due to the present context.

All in all, this a fantastic movie, a huge step up from Cloverfield and surely an exciting thriller to go see with friends or a significant other. I give it a 9 ½ out of 10.

By: Ben Miramontes


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