BHS Makes the Cut



     On April 21st Benicia High School will make the cut. What is the cut? The hair cut at this event will be for cancer and donated through Pantene. Pantene is partners with the American Cancer society to help make it possible for any women or girl to share their hair with those without it. There are only three requirements to participate and they are: the hair donated must be at least 8 inches, the hair cannot be dyed, and hair must be less than 5% grey. Clare Rodgers (11) decided to bring this event to BHS since she has donated her hair twice and has had multiple friends and family who have gone through cancer and lost their hair.

     She states, “8 inches is not as much hair as you think it is, so before you decide on donating think of all the people who don’t have hair at all.” Rodgers believes bringing this activity to BHS can bring people together and have them relate to something that may be close to their hearts. Alumni Sam Cruz and her colleagues from their salon will be cutting the participants hair to make it even. This event will be taking place in the MP room at lunch, please come and show your support. If there are any questions contact Clare Rodgers or go to the leadership classroom.

By: Sierra Clayton

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