Beautiful Hiking Trails

.By: Sierra Clayton

There are many beautiful places in the Bay Area that may not be known to the average person. The best way to experience the beauty without disrupting it is to hike.

  1. 948867-P1010882.jpgCataract Falls, Marin County: This hike is of moderate difficulty and is 2.6 mile hike. The trailhead begins at 680 feet and reaches 1400 feet, it can be steep at times and the trail can be slippery when wet. The 2 hour hike is almost completely shaded. The waterfall is the best to see during late winter. There is no parking fee, entrance, maps, toilet facilities, or drinking water available. The trails are open from sunrise-sunset and dogs are allowed on a leash as long as they are not adjacent to the state park.
  2. 870387.jpgChina Camp State Park, Marin County: This hike is 7.3 miles beginning at 5 feet above sea level and ending at the peak at 630 feet. It is a moderate hike that is mostly shady but partial sun exposure. The dirt trail is good year round and should take around 3 hours. There is $5 parking fee to be paid at the kiosk or self-register. The trails are mostly multi-use but there are some that are designated for just hiking. This trail does not allow dogs at all and it’s open 8:00am- sunset.
  3. RedwoodRP2.jpgStream Trail Redwood Regional Park, Oakland:This is a 7.9 mile hike called the French Trail Loop. It’s about half-a-day hike where you start on pavement for about half a mile and cross a bridge over the Redwood Creek. There is a small climb but there are bathrooms at the top. This is a beautiful wooded hike for all times of the year.

There is so much more to do than sitting and watching Netflix all day, try to get out into nature and appreciate its beauty.


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