Dark Souls 3 Review

By: Gabe Pilaczynski


    Does gaming feel a little too easy? Do you want to have a real challenge? Well, if you’re looking for something like that, Dark Souls 3 is something you should definitely check out.

    Dark Souls 3 is about traveling through the world as an “Unkindled Ash”, defeating the Lords of Cinder to restore the link to the Flame. While traveling through the world, you’re going to encounter many different creatures, varying from skeletons to fake treasure chests.

    The game is so hard because of all of the mechanics to it, which are really cool. What makes this game hard isn’t because there are unfair enemies, or impossible bosses for example, there is a boss that dual wields swords that do massive damage. He also has a ton of health too, so what makes him hard is the he can summon a clone of himself that has a small amount of lower health, so it’s really hard to fight both of them off.

    What makes the game hard is by playing with the wrong tactic. You can’t just blaze your way through the levels, butchering all of the enemy’s because it’s easy to get surrounded. You actually have to strategize your battles. The reason why you need to play smart is because the enemies to a lot of damage to you, unlike other open world games, so you need to roll out of their attacks then strike.

    The leveling system in this game is based off of souls, which is pretty much a form of currency. You can acquire souls by killing enemies in doing so, gaining experience. Once you have the required amount to level up, you can go back to home base to speak to a women so you can select what stats to level up. But there’s a catch, if you don’t reach the women before dying, you drop all souls that were collected. You are given one chance to get them back, but if you die again, all of them disappear.

    Another incredible thing about this game is the pvp. Instead of a multiplayer section in the start menu as usual, people can invade your world and try to kill you. A way to defend from this is by summoning another player to help you out. The way to summon another player is by finding a summon sign.

    So if you’re looking for a challenging and fun game, you should definitely check this one out.

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