The Top Five Restaurants in Benicia

By: Beau Deems

Szechwan House: Szechwan House is a restaurant that serves hot and steamy Asian cuisine right off the grill. Bringing a group of friends along to this restaurant will surely make your evening great.  Located at 500 1st St, Benicia, CA.


    Lucca Bar & Grill: Lucca Bar & Grill is an American classic restaurant best known for their reasonable prices and for their dish called Chicken Under a Brick, featuring mojo picon with your choice of one side. Located at 439 First Street, Benicia, CA. “Lucca Bar & Grill is the perfect place to relax and have some good food with family and friends,” one local woman said of the restaurant.                     


    Kimonos: Kimonos is a Japanese style grill that creates your dish right in front of your very eyes; performing a dazzling display of perfect culinary arts and Japanese tradition. If you’re looking for a fun restaurant to enjoy classic Japanese culture, visit Kimonos. Located at 1654 E. 2nd Street, Benicia. When local college student Olivia Deems was asked why the Kimono was one of best restaurant on first street, she responded with, “Well, the dazzling display while they cook is a pretty good reason to why it is one of the best”.


    Sailor Jack’s: Sailor Jack’s is a fancy American seafood style restaurant that has mind blowing taste and textures. If you are looking for a restaurant with a view of the ocean, visit Sailor Jack’s at 123 1st St, Benicia. They are best known for a dish called sole, a rich white fish, lightly battered, extremely fresh, and served with sweet lemon sauce. “It has quality seafood meals, great oysters and the view is amazing,” BHS student Joseph Dittman (11) said.


    First Street Café: First street Café is quoted as the best local café in Benicia. They are best known for their delicious scones and has been in downtown Benicia for 20 years. If you are looking for a nice calm environment and a great meal visit the First Street Café at 440 First St, Benicia. “It was amazing, their lemon bars were the best lemon bars I’ve ever had”- Amanda Nix (11)


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