How to Achieve a Positive a Mindset

By: Sierra Clayton

Everyone has those days or weeks where nothing seems to go well and everything is wrong. Well the more one thinks negatively, the more they dwell on the worst parts of life. Thinking positively causes your immune system to be healthier and your body is capable of recuperating quicker.  However if one can discard the negative thoughts then their mindset will prosper into something wonderful.

One of the most important things needed to be positive is to surround yourself with positive people. How can you be positive if you constantly have negativity in your life? Try to distance yourself from those who only complain and try to find people who are happy. Not only will your mindset be better but you may find that you are a happier person anyways. Instead of hearing people gossip or compare themselves to others, you will hear compliments and may begin to think nicer thoughts about people rather than being judgemental.

The next way to a happier mind is to start appreciating the small pleasures in life. Too often we are focused on the big things in life such as, prom, college acceptance, or graduation, and while those are great and should be celebrated, they don’t come that often. So are you just supposed to be content living from one big event to another? No, start looking at the smaller things in life to bring happiness. Different things bring different people happiness, try to find what brings you joy. For some, it may be a sunset or sunrise, yoga, listening to music, or playing a sport. Find what is important to you and try to get the most from it, this way you will be able to be happy and not rely on big events.

A third way to a positive mind is to be productive. Sitting around all day, eating and watching Netflix can be fun sometimes but if you do it everyday you may start feeling down. Start doing stuff to make you feel as if you have achieved something. This could be anything from going on a run to simply cleaning your room, both are beneficial and will make you feel good. Once you feel like you have achieved something it may boost your self-confidence and feeling of self-worth.

According to a study conducted by nuns in 2001 at the University of Kentucky, those who have positive thoughts, live about ten years longer than those who think negatively.There are so many things to do to began feeling positive. You could dwell on everything that has gone wrong in your life or you can think of the positive, only one of these will bring joy to your life.


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