Sweating Saves The Day

By: Lilly Hayward

Exercise, embarrassment, and hot weather, these are all things that can have the same glistening effect on our bodies. This layer of shiny liquid that starts to leak from our pores is known as sweat. For many, like Megan Saari (10), “It smells, it’s sticky, and it’s gross”. But the health and body activists of the world realize that sweat is actually a normal, healthy, and necessary body function, infact, in most cases sweating is good for you.

First of all, sweat is composed of water and salts. Your body uses it to cool itself down when you begin to get over heated. This happens when you are exercising, embarrassed, or something as small as it being hot outside.  

Your body also uses sweat as a way to clean out your pores. As you go through your day, dirt and dust attaches itself to your skin and can imbed itself in your pores, this is often what causes breakouts and acne to appear. When you sweat, you are actually pushing the toxins from your pores, this causes acne to somewhat disappear for the time being.

We all have those people in our lives who are happy one second and on a reign of terror the next. Well lucky for you, sweat is here to help. According to Dr. Ting, a UC Irvine physician, sweating is a great way to get rid of moodiness. When you exercise, your body temperature rises and then sweat cools you down. This keeps your body temperature in the perfect range for stress free relaxation and the absence of mood swings.

Sweating also helps the inside of your body too. A study done at the University of Washington shows that sweating reduces the risk of kidney stones. Kidney stones are made of the salt and calcium the did not get retained by bones or other tissues in the body. Through sweating these particles are released.

So now you know, next time you are sweating and feel gross about it, just remember, sweating is a normal and healthy process that keeps your body functioning as it should.


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