Marriage Proposal Reaches New Heights

By: Gabriel Pilaczynski

On April 5th, an unnamed man tried to create a romantic memory for his girlfriend by proposing to her after climbing up the 580 foot summit of Morro Rock, near Morro Bay in California. Once at the top, this man  proposed to his girlfriend over a facetime connection on his iPhone. He then began his journey down the rock, but he got trapped on a thin ledge  about 150 feet above ground.

    While stranded and scared, the man started shouting for help. Soon, people down near the base of the rock were alerted of his situation and contacted authorities. He was so high on the rock, a rescue team had to bring in a helicopter to get him off. Getting this man safely to ground wasn’t an easy task because they had to battle really strong winds. After the rescue, the unidentified man was reported to have only a couple scratches and bruises.

    Even though this rock is illegal to climb and you’re only able to stay at the base, this man still decided to climb up. The surprising part about all of this is that the man wasn’t arrested for trespassing on state property, but for possession and use of a controlled substance, which could possibly explain why the man would do something so dangerous. After all of the mess this man  made, he was billed thousands of dollars for his rescue.

    However, something that is still hanging from a cliff, other than that unidentified man, is whether or not the girlfriend accepted the proposal. One thing is certain though: his life-threatening idea will be hard to top for anyone looking for a memorable proposal. pr.jpg

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