Nigeria Gas Crisis Resolved By Technology

By: Alex Obrero

The gas crisis in Nigeria has become catastrophic. Subomi Owo-Odusi, the founder of Fueled –an app for on demand supplies of gas at any given time–found a solution to this problem involving technology, which has become a big factor in world crises in recent years. Odusi believes that through this solution, he will be able to make a difference in the gas crisis as a whole.

  Odusi observed this gas shortage crisis from afar until it became out of hand. Africa has always been desperate for gas. Long lines to pump gas and people rushing to the gas stations with jerry cans to carry the gas they need are permanent fixtures.get the gas they need. needed.

     The crisis is centered obviously around money as a whole. The question of why they are in a crisis is where does this money to go. The direct answer to that question is the United States. The money that the nigerian government owes us is for strictly imports. The government of Nigeria is struggling to get their hands on the money for these imports. The app’s purpose in this scenario is to get the gas from the station into its customers hands without the wait. The app avoids the ENDLESS lines waiting for the gas at the statins.

    The gas crisis comes from the country wanting to make gas at the pumps cheap although with the lack of oil refineries they cannot even have all of their oil refineries at maximum function and have the appropriate amount of gas to keep the economy running stability.

    Odusi’s solution to this problem is through a delivery app. At, the touch of a button you can choose a time frame and amount of gas you wish to be delivered. As well as different delivery methods to choose how fast you need your gas.

   Odusi is hoping to help his company as well as the community receive the gas it needs to help the economy of the country and avoid further crippling the country’s debt. An average student may use their technology for social media or games or what not meanwhile the people from the country of Nigeria are using this technology to save people and just stay alive, because this gas is not only for vehicles but also generators. If you just take our technology for granted just take a look at the Nigerian economy today.1a9936dbce674359beca469edb1b1869_18.jpg

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