Are You Really One-of-a-Kind?

Did you know that there are seven other people living on Earth that look almost identical to you?  According to Women’s Health and the creaters of, any two people in the world share 99.5% of the same DNA. It seems like it just takes the features to be seen as a “doppelgänger.” Doppelgänger is also known as double-goer and is believed to be “a replica or double of a living person.” In Greek mythology, it is considered to be a sign of bad luck and that your death is coming up. Some people even presume that doppelgängers are your “evil twin” trying to ruin your life by giving you “misleading advice.”

    Science even suggests that doppelgängers shouldn’t exist because there an infinite number of combinations of how your face could look. Dr Garrett Hellenthal from the genetics institute of University College London even “doubts it could even be done.” It is very rare to find your “twin” and if you do find them, you are considered lucky. In a way, our faces are like snowflakes where no two are the same.

    Finding a doppelgänger is extremely difficult because there are (at last count) about 7,404,976,783 people on Earth. The chances of you finding all seven is very slim but it doesn’t hurt to try. Here are three ways you have a higher chance of finding your “twins.” These tips don’t guarantee you will find one, but they could increase your chances.

  1. Become Famous. Those who are famous usually find there doppelgängers much more quickly. The reason is people all around the world are looking at them and can compare them to different people they know of. It is the fastest way to find your twins but very complicated.
  2. Sign up for or These kinds of  websites scans your facial shape and features and compares it to someone else. It is one of the fastest ways to find your twin. You just sign-up and upload a picture of yourself. It is very simple but it isn’t always accurate and could take a while.
  3. Talk about it on social media. Tell people online if they know anybody that looks like you. The more eyes out there looking for your twin, the better.

    A doppelgänger you might know works at Benicia High School. Mr.Hughes, known as a 9th and 10th grade English teacher, knows what it is really feels like to have a doppelgänger. “I knew I was a twin of Harry Potter (or Daniel Radcliffe) since I was nine. People always used to call me Harry Potter even before the movies even came out.” Mr. Hughes is just an example of one person affected by this phenomenon.

By Nanki 

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