Trump’s path to the White House is Narrowing

Trump’s presidential bid is narrowing as his latest scandal has the better part of America in an uproar. On Friday, October 7th, a video was released showing Trump engaging in a extremely lewd conversation with then Hollywood Access- star Billy Bush. The conversation has caused support to cease for the candidate within the Republican party, with many high-profile politicians going so far as to denounce him. “He has forfeited his right to lead,” Ohio Governor John Kasich remarked.

 A Bloomberg poll on Thursday showed that Hillary Clinton was leading in Republican state Pennsylvania by 9 points. The poll said that Clinton was ahead of Trump 48% to 39%, respectively. Across 4 Philadelphia counties, where a large concentration of ‘swing-state’ voters live, Clinton was leading 59% to 31%. The states are decidedly turning against Trump after the video.

With 28 days left of an election, Trump’s chances of beating Clinton have narrowed. The only thing to sway the election currently is if something comes out about Hillary, something damning enough that Democrats feel unsafe supporting her. The history of October shows that anything is possible, and they call it the ‘October Surprise’ for a reason.

By Joseph Gardner

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