Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fastly approaching and with it comes candy, cavities, and Halloween costumes. The stress of picking a costume, on top of school, can be overwhelming so here are a few simple Halloween costumes.


To do this costume all you need is a flannel, jeans, make-up, and a straw hat. Draw a patch on your nose and extend your mouth with drawn on stitches. On your cheeks draw two light pink circles. If you have long hair put your hair in two braids. Throw on on your flannel, jeans, straw hat  you’re ready to go.

  1. Wendy from Peter Pan:

Wear a light blue dress with black flats. Curl your hair and put a bow in your hair. You can either put your hair in a pigtail with a bow or put it half up and half down with a bow.

  1. Minnie Mouse/ Mickey Mouse:

For Minnie you will need a red tutu with white polka dots, a black shirt, and black tights or leggings. For Mickey wear red pants and a black shirt. For both costumes wear yellow shoes and mouse ears.

  1. Rosie the Riveter:

This iconic female figure is an easy and fun costume. For this costume black leggings, black boots,  and a jean button up shirt with rolled up sleeves are needed. For the hair curl it, put it up and tie a red bandana around your head.

  1. Clark Kent/ Superman

Wear a Superman shirt under an unbuttoned, white, collared shirt and black slacks. Gel your hair up, throw on a pair of glasses and you’re good to go.

By Sierra Clayton

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