Shepard Smith: Sharing the truth

In a recent news broadcast (Fox News) Shepard Smith harshly reminded civilians  sheltered in South East Florida to flee from their homes to safety, in the act of avoiding Hurricane Matthew. The only reason why I used the word harshly is because Smith blatantly broadcasted live on tv that “You and everyone you know are dead”. This statement was appointed to anyone Southeast in Florida. Many saw this statement as a rude and depressing way to relay the message that the Hurricane Matthew is only getting bigger and will destroy anything in its path.

Shepard Smith did witness a Hurricane himself. He was in Mississippi when Hurricane Katrina hit. From his own experience he is encouraging people to evacuate as soon as possible. He did have a debate with a resident who was considering staying in Florida while the Hurricane was on its way in. He continuously told her that there was nothing there for her and if she wanted to protect her and her family she would do the smart thing and evacuate with the rest of the Florida population.

Many believed what he said was a very rude way to relay the message of the hurricane. Many believed he went overboard with his message to the public about the Hurricane. In my opinion he did not over react he did his job and just wanted to stress the importance in evacuating in order to take actions that will best benefit you and your family.

By Alex Obrero

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