Donald Glover: The Man of All Hours

Donald Glover is a multifarious man; as a comedian, rapper and actor, he can’t seem to be placed into any one of Hollywood’s neatly organized boxes.Glover has been in and out of almost all the entertainment industries and killed it every time.  The man of the hour, the man of all hours, Donald Glover never stops.

Taking to the screen once again, Glover just released his new show Atlanta which premiered earlier this fall on FX. It was highly anticipated and rightly so, with Rotten Tomatoes awarding it a rare 100% and IMDB giving it 8.8 stars, it seems to be anything but a disappointment. With experience in many different fields of entertainment, Glover is able to use what he has learned to create a unique, truthful, and hilarious show.

In 2006, Donald Glover and his two friends Dominic Dierkes and DC Pierson created Derrick Comedy, an internet sketch comedy group formed while attending New York University. The three of them trained at Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv and sketch comedy center. UCB, created by Amy Poehler and Matt Besser, have seen comedians such as Kate McKinnon, an emmy winning cast member of snl, Aubrey Plaza, known for her role as April Ludgate on Parks and Rec and Nick Kroll, who is working alongside John Mulaney in the broadway production of Oh, Hello.  

While Glover was busy writing sketches, he was also developing music under the alias mc DJ, making his own beats and putting together a few albums. He would eventually go by the stage name Childish Gambino as he dove into the rap industry.

When doing standup in New York, Glover was noticed by comedy extraordinar Tina Fey. Fey hired Glover onto the writing staff of her critically acclaimed show 30 Rock, where he flourished as a cameo actor and generally hilarious dude. Glover gives praise and thanks to Fey by saying,”…I swear to God, Tina Fey gave me confidence. Taught me everything that is good comes from honesty. Everybody’s got a voice, you just gotta follow it.”

Community was Glovers next project; a television comedy that he starred in from 2009 to 2015 where he acted alongside Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown and first year SNL cast member Chevy Chase, who the younger cast member played pranks on. They purchased a ridiculous number of copies of the movie Karate Dog–an old, terribly rated comedy that Chase starred in–and placed it around the room to make him go crazy.

Glover released his one hour stand-up special, Weirdo, in 2012. Starting his stand-up by saying, “ How many of you guys know me from my show Community?”, the crowd cheered in response and Glover followed up with, “Great. Just want to let you guys know this is gonna be nothing like that”. Glover talked about getting punched in the face by a homeless man, his feelings towards the movie Shaft and just makes hilarious jokes out the wazoo.

Childish Gambino is releasing his new album Pharos in September. Gambino’s comedic background surely influences his music; with smart, witty lyrics and love for all things weird (he actually said in his standup, “I like weird, crazy music, like, weird people making music”) this new album is sure to be interestingly delightful.

Childish Gambino and Donald Glover are the first two coolest people in the world to be the same person. Tune into the newest episodes of Atlanta on FX to see Glover’s most recent project or watch the first two episodes on YouTube to catch up. untitled

By Elise Carrell

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