IOS 10 killing the minds of Iphone users

     The hype for ios 10 from Apple is just over the horizon. The Beta testing is open to the public. From a different perspective, If you don’t mind a few bugs and glitches then feel free and jump right in. In order to download this update you simply go to settings then general and finally software update.

     This update has a lot of tiny features that are very impressive and very diverse from other companies. The screen now automatically turns on when lifted off a surface, the display will also show you your day calendar as well as the time and any amazon shipments that are in delivery or process. The classic swipe to unlock is now changed as well, Apple completely removed the swipe to unlock and made the home button more of a significant function to the iPhone and now unlocks the phone literally single handedly. Now that you are fairly familiar with the lock screen, lets get familiar with the home screen.

     The home screen holds many more features than anywhere else on the device. Default apps such as voice memo and clock can now be deleted. Now, these apps are not permanently deleted but can be recovered from the background. Apple has kind of allowed siri to become more flexible with her agenda. Apple is now allowing more and more companies to link their services with siri, those services being: Amazon, Lyft… Etc.

     Apple has many more features that I want you guys to figure out while venturing through the beta of ios 10. This update with have more improvements through time but for now it’s just a pit of glitches and new adventures.


By: Alex Obrero

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