Addictive Dating Sim Causing American Craze


Mystic Messenger (수상한메신저) is currently one of the most popular dating sims available on the app store right now. Produced by Cheritz, a Korean based gaming company founded in 2012, the producer has hit the absolute jackpot with this game. Known for their production of many Asian style female-oriented games, Cheritz is unafraid to shy away from the more serious undertones of religion and terrorism in even the cheeriest of dating sims. In some alternate endings, your character can even die, along with the person you were pursuing. Mystic Messenger is another wonderful addition to this up-and-coming team’s repertoire, entrancing all who play it’s beautifully crafted plotlines.

The story begins when you receive a mysterious text message from an unknown number, asking you to visit an apartment and help return a lost phone. But how does this mysterious person know the password to the apartment? Things get confusing very fast when the chat room is filled with a close-knit group of friends who have no idea how you got into the chat; they say it should be impossible for an outsider. It turns out that the apartment you are currently standing in belonged to a friend of theirs, a girl named Rika, untouched since her untimely death…

The game works on a time based system that takes 11 days to complete. In order to move on, you must either wait the real time or pay to play. As you progress through the days, you begin building up friendships and, eventually, relationships. In the casual mode of the story, you are able to choose between Yoosung, the quirky and shy college student, Zen, the slightly narcissistic model, and Jaehee, the hard working secretary. After completing this mode, you can try again in the deep story mode where you are given two more options; Seven, the memelord hacker, and Jumin, the son of a rich company owner.

Without giving away too much plot, it should be noted that every decision you make impacts the rest of the game, and at some points, there’s no way to come back from a mistake. Thought and consideration should go into each choice the game presents, as some can lead to a bad ending. Overall, this game is absorbing and absolutely incredible, managing to entrance you every second through heart pounding action and soft romance, leaving you waiting for that next chatroom to open…

By Hannah Corsen

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