Galaxy Note 7 Recall

     The Galaxy Note 7 made in China shipped to America was recalled September 2, 2016 due to reports of “exploding batteries.” The new phone was unveiled as a main competitor to Apple’s upcoming IPhone 7. Apple executives were probably a little nervous until Samsung issued the recall on all Note 7 phones due to their phones ca. The issue was first appointed by an unspecified man from South Korea who was in the other room while his phone charging in another to attend to other business when he smelled something burning. While investigating to figure out what it was he walked into the other room to see his phone frying itself from the inside out.

     When this issue was addressed the recall began. The issue was not too dramatic but of course the subject undertook research. There was a total of 35 claims of faulty phones, and for every million phone sold 24 were found with faulty issues. This recall was mandatory and did set samsung back a little bit. “Return your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now, just in case something bad might happen to you.” Samsung sent to all existing Note 7’s that are in the public.They still hold the biggest stocks of telecommunication that being 22% and apple holding 12% as of September 2nd, 2016. This set Samsung back approximately 10 Billion dollars.

     All cellular companies have issued this recall that including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. Samsung hopes to have a rapid recall and fast returns with a small budget in return. Although not all plans fall into place. Keep that noted with the Note 7.

By: Alex Obrero

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