Halloween Costumes

     This month is all about planning for Halloween and what costume to wear. Finding the perfect costume can be hard, so here are some most likely to be the most popular costumes. For girls, there will most likely be a lot of Harley Quinn’s and minions. For girls groups the most popular choices are crayons and social media sites. For the boys there are most likely going to be quite a few Deadpools,the Error costume not found T-shirt and there’s always the old favorite scream grim reapers. For boys groups there is

     For those who leave everything to last minute. For the girls the greatest and easiest quick costumes are goths and witches. To become a goth or a witch all you need is a black dress, black flats or sneakers, black lipstick and eyeliner  for goths and  strippy long socks for witches. Boys easy costumes include Thing 1 and Thing 2 and  Martty McFly. To be a Martty McFly all that is required is a flannel shirt, jeans, work boots, jean jacket and puffy vest. For groups easy to make costumes are for girls pretty little liars. For these costumes all that is needed are four friends black dresses, black heels or flats and makeup to give the illusion of dirt. Hope this helps you come up with a great costume this year. Happy Halloween!

By: Megan Saari

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