Las Vegas Raiders?


A proposed move of the Oakland Raiders to Sin City has many devoted fans angered.  The $1.9 billion stadium has been proposed to be on the current Bali Hai Golf Course property. The possible move wouldn’t be the first for the team. The Raiders moved from Oakland to Los Angeles in 1982 with hopes from Al Davis to make improvements to the stadium while they did not occupy it. Then in 1995, Davis signed a letter of intent to move the Raiders back to Oakland, and it was approved. The public funds needed  to be able to afford the stadium would likely come from tax upsurges on local Las Vegas hotel rooms. Many not in favor of the move, bring to light  predictions that tourists will buy one third of the tickets, which people believe is an impractical assumption. While some are more  worried about the economic stance of moving the Raiders, some are looking at the social and personal toll the move may take on players. The controversy is the gambling and partying life style Vegas is so greatly infamous for. Some believe the temptations could damage players relationships, as well as their careers. In order for the Raiders to move though, they would need to obtain at least 24 of the 32 NFL team owner’s votes. The NFL and Raiders have offered to contribute $600 million dollars to creating a new stadium in Oakland but the city has put forth zero public dollars for the project, many believe due to the financial issues the city is facing. Oakland has yet to pay the remaining $100 million in debt because of the former renovation when the Raiders moved back to Oakland from Los Angeles in 1995. Many are less reluctant of the move with the thought of Oakland possibly getting a new stadium after they move, but now that the city has spoke out that they will not put forward any contributions to a new stadium, local fans here in the Bay Area feel there is no upside to the team relocating. Fans at recent Raider games were seen holding signs that read, “Stay in Oakland.” An interview with a devoted Raider fan by KPIX reported, “Your not gonna take an identity badge away from us and think were gonna go away quietly.” Davis remarked the move to Vegas is pursued due to the fact Oakland, “came up with nothing, zero.” As for the final decision, we will not know until the meeting when the NFL owners take their votes. The possibility of moving to Las Vegas is a major disappointment for the loyal Bay Area fans.

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