Battlefield 1 Review


Battlefield 1, available on PS4 and Xbox 1 has taken a huge leap from a modern feel to more of a old World War I theme. The sequence of Battlefield is as follows: Battlefield 1942 , Battlefield 2, Battlefield Bad Company , Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline and now Battlefield 1. EA Games has made a huge comeback from decent graphics to a first person shooter with the most vibrant and outstanding environment. It throws you into the perspective of a soldier fighting for the German Empire with mortar explosions around you, craters in the gravel and empty 22 shells that lie on the soulless ground.

The campaign, or story mode, is about different perspectives while fighting through the harsh conditions of World War I. It changes between the German Empire, English Forces, Italian Forces and Middle East Forces. As you venture through each different military you learn a lot more about World War I and how it really played out. The story has real life events and follows an accurate timeline of when each battle is fought.

Also, the environment you run on goes on for hours. As you run across the mud of a battlefield with your allies lying dead on the ground, you’re dodging the 50 cal rounds from a passing by attack plane and your adrenaline begins to rush. The environment changes with cosmetic damage, in a more simple context. If a grenade is thrown next to you in the game a crater in the dirt will be made or houses will be blown open, exposing whatever remains. Tanks run down houses and destroy anything in their path, making the environment a lot more dangerous. Each map also has their own special changes to the environment. Approximately half way through each game at the Sahara Desert map, a dust storm will rush through making your visibility worse. You go from being able to view across the whole map to a 10 feet view for about 10 minutes. The environment is always changing and that’s something you should always be aware of in order to stay alive in the battlefield.

The online game is just as gruesome and thrilling as the story mode. You can play the classic Conquest, extraordinary game of Domination, quick game of Rush, War Pigeons, or a simple game of Team DeathMatch. Conquest is large scale war of up to 64 players where the objective is to hold down the most points in order to achieve the highest score. Domination is smaller scale but the same as conquest. The only thing that differs is that all combat is up close and personal. Rush is a game of attackers and defenders. If the attackers manage to hold down all of the objectives for 10 seconds then the defenders are pushed further back until the third wave and all of the defenders are pushed out. Pigeon is the most interesting game mode on any war game that has ever been made. The concept of Pigeon is to defend a…pigeon…yes…a bird. Birds in World War I were a convenient way of delivering communications and in this game mode you have to capture a pigeon and have it deliver a message to your allied artillery team in order to make the other team forfeit.

Battlefield is the most visually vibrant game to ever exist. The environment is stunning and you will get lost in the thrill of it. The game will make you feel as if you were in the combat boots fighting for your country, the German Empire.  

By Alex Obrero

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