An Esports Dynasty Is Born: SKT Claims Third Worlds Victory


The League Of Legends World Championship (usually abbreviated “Worlds”) wrapped up on the 29th of October and didn’t disappoint fans one bit. From major surprises like the ROX Tigers support GorillA making a surprise support pick to expected turnouts like Samsung Galaxy rolling over Cloud 9 & H2K the tournament was a sight to see for fans all over the world.

Many teams tried but one team nearly no one can match up to is the South Korean team SK Telecom T1 that has dominated throughout the past four seasons winning now three (the would have been fourth only being stopped by Samsung White in season four)

SKT’s season wasn’t a cinderella story with victory after victory. The champions were in their darkest moment as they started off with a subpar 2-4 in the group stage at MSI  losing four in a row eventually coming out of that slump by sweeping Counter Logic Gaming. Then in the LCK Summer Split falling short in the semi-finals from a defeat by KT Rolster

But SK Telecom never fades away from the top. At Worlds they came determined to claim the trophy and title themselves as “The best League Of Legends Team”. SKT’s started off strong in the group stages only losing one out of six games making it to the quarterfinals next to North America’s Cloud 9 barely placing second cause of a lucky loss from I May. SKT seemed nearly unstoppable throughout quarterfinals  against RNG (Royal Never Give Up) with only giving up 1 game eventually stomping them the next three games.

But ROX Tigers proved a worthy opponent against SKT as ROX GorillA the support of the team did a pocket pick AP Miss Fortune support to counter against SKT Wolf’s Zyra. By surprise the pick dominated SKT with them shockingly losing two games against ROX pushing SKT to ban the champion in the next few games. SKT’s back was against the wall but like always, the team pushes through and finds a way out with incredible macro play and fantastic coordination eliminating ROX and finding themselves in a similar spot one year ago. SSG who swept H2K was up for their biggest challenge yet and many doubted them in fear of a expected sweep losing the first two games in the finals hosted in Los Angeles. Like a scene from a movie SSG rose from the ashes and fought back with all their heart achieving victory in game three and four forcing a game five on SKT. Sadly SSG fell short of the Summoner’s Cup as SKT outmatched and overtook SSG in game five crowning themselves as world champions and concluding a mediocre season with an amazing ending to a now historic team in esports history.

By Justyn Recania

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