Top 5 NFL Teams (December)

1) Dallas Cowboys :


The Dallas Cowboys start our list at #1 with an 11-1 overall record. Led by a dominant offensive line , rookie sensations Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott , and seasoned veterans like Dez Bryant ,the Dallas Cowboys have formed a team that is more than capable of winning a Super Bowl. Many analyst doubted the Cowboys would have success this season because Cowboy great Tony Romo’s career was coming to an end due injuries ; however , Prescott has filled his void and the Cowboys haven’t looked back since.

2) New England Patriots :


Missing  Rob Gronkowski , future Hall of Fame tight end , many thought the Patriots’ offense would struggle. However, they have had successful season so far with a 10-2 overall record. With the Tom Brady deflated ball scandal put in the past; he has done a great job of leading his experienced team deep into the winning column.

3) Oakland Raiders:


The Oakland Raiders surprisingly are the 3rd best team in the NFL right now. Led by emerging star Derek Carr and freak of nature Khalil Mack , the Raiders are playing the best football they’ve played in years. The Oakland Raiders are the new kids on the block this year and they have a good chance of being a Super Bowl contender.

4) Seattle Seahawks:


The Seattle Seahawks continue their dynasty with yet another year atop the league ranks. With running back Marshawn Lynch retiring and free safety Earl Thomas out due to a leg injury , the Seattle Seahawks took on this season with almost a brand new identity. Acquiring star tight end Jimmy Graham in the offseason was a big move for them and it’s paying off for the better this season as Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are another successful year.

5) Denver Broncos:


The Denver Broncos are the 5th best team in the NFL right now. Many thought they would be struggling this season because former quarterback  Peyton Manning retired but that hasn’t been the case. Rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch has filled the void well and the traditional strong Denver defense has propelled the Denver Broncos to a respectable  8-4 record. Von Miller and other Broncos veterans , are looking to repeat after winning the Super Bowl last year.

By Xavier Judkins

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