London Transportation: strike of the century


Transportation strikes have taken place in London for better pay and hours. These protests resulted in leaving many if not all other workers to walk to work. All underground stations are full of middle class and low class citizens trying to get from one place to another but with this congestion of people is outrageous and just shocking. The strike started on January 9th of 2017. And ended the following monday afternoon.

The Mayor of London has stated that only 67% of the union were actually staffed during the strike. The majority of transportation was actually running, just not making stops to pick up more passengers due to the overcapacity. A few people did believe that this strike was outrageous and unnecessary for the time it took place. A local resident tweeted “Thank you to @TfL staff who have kept 67% of stations open during today’s unnecessary strike action”.

During the strike in the stations, there were parades of people taking a cold and frigid walk through city parks just to get to work because of the packed station. Strikes continued all day and many of the other local stations (that including Waterloo underground station) were closed for the rest of the day. The strikes were believed to end on Monday afternoon. The London Union is trying their best to make negotiations with the Railroad or Light Rail Union this weekend. Hopefully changes can be made or else the rest of the employed in London may have a dramatic economic change.

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