North Korea Will Not Stop at Any Cost


    A serious concern from North Korea has arose this Thursday, February 2nd. The country of North Korea who has been pushing the buttons of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has just activated their main nuclear reactors. In other words they are working towards producing plutonium for a potential nuclear ballistic missile that does have enough power to reach US land on the West coast. North Korea’s ballistic missile test in 2006 and 2009 were the reason as to why they were not allowed to build any weapons of mass destruction in the first place.

After those previous test were conducted, alliances in the group of NATO agreed to put sanctions and restrictions on North Korea. One of the sanctions are the dismemberment and permanent deconstructions of any nuclear materials and missiles in their inventory. Since that agreement was made, there has been a period of three years of inactivity and discontinuity of nuclear productions. The discovery of the active nuclear reaction was captured by a US satellite gliding over North Korea at that  time.

The activated refinery is not an indefinite threat to the West Coast of California. Due to the fact that the US predicted the defiance of North Korea before these actions took place. The US has installed THAADs’ on the islands of Guam and Hawaii. A THAAD is a Thermal High Altitude Area Defense, the purpose of this equipment is to destroy any missiles that travel at a high altitude in terms of a nuclear war between the land of North Korea and the US. It is capable of blowing up a Nuclear missile before it reaches the US atmosphere. We do have the defense for any nuclear attacks the only problem is that once one missile is shot then every other country will.


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