2017 Student Film Festival

By: Nanki Sekhon

  On February 23, student and filmmaker Waseem Vydyarakath had a worldwide premiere of his newest film called OUTSIDER. It was about 10 minutes long about a mentally insane student. There were almost no words said throughout with the actors having to use facial expressions alone to represent what was going on and what they were feeling. Besides OUTSIDER, Vydyarakath also showed his previous short film called The Romantic Suicide of Travis Smith III. The tone was the complete opposite of OUTSIDER with this one having not only more dialogue but even some comedy.

    Hamish Dinsdale was a featured actor in OUTSIDER. He played the government agent in the film, only using his facial expressions to express what his character was feeling and planning to do next. Dinsdale stated he was able to get the part because, “Waseem asked my friend Paula if she knew any guys interested in acting in a film and the first person Paula asked, was me.” He went on to talk about his journey as a developing actor in the film industry and how filming took three sessions. Expressing that he seriously started acting last year but he has been in drama since 4th grade. Hamish wishes to, “become a voice actor,” in the near future.

    “There was a scene where I was supposed to bite my nails and it looks really forced…” Dinsdale mentions when talking about his performance, “It really looked like a scene from Scooby Doo…. It took all out of the tension out of the moment.” If you are a student who has a passion of acting, the featured actor in OUTSIDER recommends that you should, “Throw away all your fear, at the end of the day you can only be good as you can be. You can only do you best and nothing more than that. If it is not good enough, it isn’t you problem. That is how life works in acting.”. Dinsdale hits us with some raw advice that could possibly help you prosper even farther in the acting world. “When I go on stage I never get nervous because I know I am always going to be doing my best and that is really all you have to focus on. I suggest looking in the mirror and just laughing and accepting your flaws.”

    Waseem Vydyarakath was the student director and writer for both OUTSIDER and The Romantic Suicide of Travis Smith III. If you are ever in a situation where you have to pick between both films (even if you should see both), Vydyarakath says, “Travis Smith (is) better in terms of the message it gives it and the experience we had filming it. But for the look, editing, story, and acting, basically overall, it’s definitely Outsider.” During the viewing of The Romantic Suicide of Travis Smith III, you should feel some sort of sympathy towards Travis, “as a lot of people have been through his situation before. By the end, I wanted people to know that (life) definitely sucks, but by learning through experiences, you can better yourself.”  OUTSIDER, is supposed to deceive your perception of who people might seem to be. So don’t be surprised if the ending surprises you. Now what you all have been waiting for, the advice for you that might promise future success in directing. Vydyarakath states that you should, “Love your work. Regardless of what you make, there should be something about it that attracts you to it emotionally.”

    Don’t be upset if you missed the premiere of OUTSIDER and  The Romantic Suicide of Travis Smith III, you can see both on youtube.com on the channel Waseem Vydyarakath. Also if you enjoyed Hamish’s work, don’t be surprised if you see a possible future film with him in it once again.

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