Spelling out the Spring Musical For Ya’

By : Hamish Dinsdale

    Every year here at BHS a musical, and straight play production are held. The musical this year in the works is the quirky : “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” a bit of a mouthful, but a work of art none the less.


The show centers around an eclectic cast of 6 elementary school kids with one thing in common, their love of spelling. The namesake of the show, the spelling bee, is where each character feels most at home ; competing for the title of Champion at the Putnam County Spelling Bee. Each speller has their own background, motivation for winning, and group of people (or lack there of) standing behind them supporting them at the bee. As the musical numbers roll by, we see more and more glimpses into what makes each character tick, and watch them evolve and grow alongside the people running the event, Mr.Panch, Rona, and the comfort counselor Midge Mahone, who’s been freshly released from Putnam County Prison to do his community service.


With songs such as the energized and chaotic “Pandemonium” and the only slightly braggadocious “I speak six languages” even someone who isn’t a big fan of musical theatre has a lot to get out of watching this gem of a show. Come see it the last 2 weekends of April (April 21-23, April 28-30)!



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