Nike Making Strides in Fashion



     Nike launched a new, exclusively plus size collection of workout gear from sizes XL to 3XL.

    “Athletes have a desire to get the best fit and function in their apparel. They also want to feel good. This is why Nike is delivering the most robust range of sizes for women in more colors and styles than ever before. From a 1XL to 3XL, Nike’s expanded Plus Size collection is crafted to ensure the perfect fit at every size,”. Now online and in stores, the Nike Plus Size collection sells a mixture of athletic and leisure clothes for the majority of plus size athletes out there.

    They featured a diverse range of models who were all beautiful and confident,l, all with different comments of how the clothes made them feel. A lof of how you hold yourself can be from how you feel about your appearance, and when you think you look good, you feel good too.

    It is important for there to be more normalization of plus size figures because in America, the average size of a woman is a 12, which is deemed as a plus size. And although the models on runways are beautiful, it can negatively influence the ways girls see themselves, especially  when they can’t personally  relate to the models they see in pictures or on TV.

    Online, people constantly criticize the media outlets and plus size people that express body positivity, stating that they are promoting obesity and should work out, however  these are the same people against Nike creating a plus size workout line. They are saying that these people shouldn’t be working out or wearing workout clothes because of their size. I’ve never been more confused.

    Plus size or not, everyone is beautiful and should be able to do whatever they want with their own bodies. It is a major win for every athletic, plus size individual to be able to see recognition in one of the biggest brands, Nike, and to be able to see how far plus size clothing has come so far.

    To see the full line, go to store and search for the plus size section to see all the different styles, outfits, and pieces made for everyone.

    In addition to the plus size line, Nike also dropped a Nike Pro Hijab, for the many Muslim and religious women that choose to wear a hijab. It’s called the Pro Hijab, made of lightweight polyester that will give women the coverage that they want as well as being breathable for running, weight lifting, or any other sport.. It took Nike about 13 months to fully develop the Pro Hijab, and it it will be available in darker neutral colors when it is for public sale in Spring of next year.

    Although it’s not the first athletic hijab made for the public; it is amazing that Nike is bringing these into the light and showing how needed they are. The popularity of Nike will help launch athletic hijabs as well as more plus size lines into the limelight.

    In this day and age, it is not radical to be considered “plus size” and it is not radical for women to wear a hijab and be athletic. It’s a normal, cool thing that a lot of people do and thanks to Nike, more and more people will stop stigmatising these athletes, as they strive to become better on the field, in the gym, and everywhere they work out.

By: Abi Seaman

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