O.J Simpson May Be Released Early With A Chance Of His Own T.V Series


Reports say O.J. Simpson could be a free man early as October of this year and he might have an incoming series with his freedom. Various rumors have floated around the TV industry that some producers have taken an interest in doing a reality show with Simpson.

    TMZ contacted quite a few companies such as FX and A&E to inquire about the recent rumors. Although they have gotten mixed reactions from producers, they believe the format of the series will most likely be in the style of a documentary or interview.

    The producers and agents that have spoken to TMZ about Simpson’s possible TV series said that they know someone would eventually recreate the 2006 TV special about Simpson titled “IF I Did It” that barely saw the light of day, especially since People vs O.J. Simpson, an anthology series from the original television series American Crime Story that premiered in early 2016 was praised for its production.

    The only barrier that blocks it from being a full fledged project is how they would air it, as broadcast and cable networks would never air it due to its controversial subject that has the country still divided on whether Simpson was innocent or guilty , limiting the options of the producers. Although it seems Simpson will profit greatly off of this project he’s still dealing with a $33 million wrongful death judgment with many barriers stopping Simpson from using the benefits of the project towards his judgement.

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