Things to do in the Bay Area



     Many teenagers consider our little town, Benicia, boring and mundane. However, Benicia is only a small part of the whole San Francisco Bay Area. There is San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Vacaville, Napa, and many more within about an hour of us that are full of fun things to do. Life is all about trying new things, doing things outside of your comfort zone, and making memories. Sadly nowadays, things are not cheap, but all of these activities will definitely be worth your while. Just type in the activity on the website and you are bound to find your next adventure!


  • Test your limits and put your skills to work


    Want to do something exhilarating? Something that challenges you both mentally and physically? Well if you do, then ziplining, conquering ropes courses, and shooting at targets are a perfect choice for you. Ziplining is a relaxing, yet an exciting experience that will definitely knock you off your feet(literally and figuratively). Search for “redwood canopy tours” for a beautiful, ziplining experience in the Santa Cruz redwoods. Ropes courses challenge you physically by forcing you to work on balance and coordination. Search for “Fort Miley Adventure Challenge course”, located in Lands End. Lastly, archery and shooting ranges can help improve your aim and focus! There are plenty of shooting ranges near us, and we even have our own archery ranges in our small town of Benicia. Put your skills to work and experience one of these rad activities for yourself.


  • Drop the technology and take a breath of fresh air


    Nowadays, it seems as if everyone spends most of their time on electronics, such as their phones. Although, technological advances are making this world a better, more efficient place, we can not take nature for granted. Try going on a hike with friends and take in the beauty of nature. Whether the hike is on the coastline or in the redwoods, it is bound to be beautiful and breathtaking. Like Mount Sutro, Joaquin Miller park, or Redwood Regional Park. And if walking isn’t your favorite, or it is too easy, then step it up and try mountain biking!



  • We all know SF is always buzzing with things to do


     San Francisco, the city that never sleeps. If you have absolutely nothing to do, then SF is definitely the place for you. It is constantly buzzing with events, street performers, and special SF only activities, such as the SF rocketboat. Also, there is the exploratorium and the aquarium, but if money’s an issue, you could always visit Lombard street or walk around the ferry building. Practically, you can never be bored in San Francisco!


  • Get your history on!


     If you prefer mental over physical, then visit a museum or go on a tour. The bay is filled with historical museums and historical buildings. And if you do not want to learn about history, there are also art museums, like the SF MOMA. These days, there are museums for almost every subject and interest; Aviation, cultural, and technological to name a few. Lucky for us, these are all in our reach, and within a couple hours or less of our small town! Some interesting museums near us include the SF Botanical gardens, de Young museum, and Asian Art museum, and much more!



  • Need a laugh?


     Have you ever wanted to go to see a comedian in person? In action, right in front of your face? Then this is your time to go to a stand up comedy show and experience it for yourself. There are many local stand up comedians that will knock your socks off! Go enjoy a night out and treat yourself to a night of laughter. Just yelp “comedy clubs”.



  • Food is the way to the heart and always will be


    The bay area is filled with restaurants, old and new, that serve amazing food. Whether you are craving Korean food, American food, or Italian food, the bay area has got you covered. There is a restaurant for every craving you could possible have. There are even restaurants that serve food you would never, in your lifetime, think you would ever eat. Go try new restaurants or even try new, delicious food and expand your palette.



  • Stay local and follow up on your favorite musical artists


    If you are a music lover or a concert junkie, then the bay is the place for you. Though tickets can be expensive, concerts are easy to find and a blast to be at. You could even attend musicals, like Hamilton, or smaller, more local theatre events. Pick something that spikes your interest. Just type your favorite artist into the search bar and see what is going on.



  • Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and new adventures


    Some weeks can be stressful and discouraging, but there are always ways to take your mind off of the stress and work. Take a trip with your friends and have a beach day. Some beautiful beaches are Point reyes, Half Moon bay, and Stinson. And at some beaches or rivers, you could even challenge yourself and try cliff jumping! If you prefer rivers over beaches, then try rafting and floating down those rapids or kayaking. Those are guaranteed to take the stress away, or at least for a little bit. Search for “All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting” or “SF Kayak and Adventures”.



  • Want to go on the ride of your life?


     Do you like animals, specifically horses? If you do, then try horseback riding! This may be expensive, but it is definitely worth the money. It is exhilarating, well once you get passed the walking stage, and wonderful. You can horseback ride on the beach, in the mountains, or on the hillside. Some beautiful places to go horseback riding is at “Five Brooks Stable”, which is near Point Reyes or “Sea Horse Ranch” near Half Moon Bay.  Either way, you are bound to enjoy it.



  • Be daring and face your fears


     Not everyone has a fear of heights, but the majority of us would be slightly afraid to jump out of a plane 18,000 feet high or jump off a bridge, where the only form of safety is a bungee cord. Though, it just may be the most exciting moment of your life. Search for “Icarus Bungee” or “Skydive Monterey Bay” for the time of your life. This is for the fearless and adrenaline junkies out there, those willing to risk their lives for two minutes of pure excitement. You can do it!
     Don’t forget, life is all about trying new things making new memories. Go on new adventures, experience new things, and challenge yourself! Believe me, it will be worth it. It not only brings excitement to your life, but also gives you stories to tell. Live life to the fullest and fear nothing.

By: Claire Imazu

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