Benicia High’s 99.7 Lunch Takeover


By: Nanki Sekhon

99.7, otherwise known as KMVQ-FM, is a Bay Area radio show that plays a variety of hit songs for people to listen to. Recently, they had a competition for all high schools in the Bay Area called the “Bay Area High School Takeover”where they visit the campus during lunch and play popular Bay hits for the students to enjoy before the weekend starts. On March 28, Benicia High was fortunate enough to have radio personality Eric “Strawberry” Fielden come and treat us with a fun-filled lunch for students to get pumped up for the weekend.

In the gym, students came to hear popular Bay songs played by two DJ’s from 99.7 themselves. They played all sorts of tracks from pop to rap. Some even started to go on the dance floor and bust some moves. Some students were also eating lunch and chatting with their friends if they were not on the gym floor.

Last but not least, there also was a featured competition for students to compete and possibly win tickets to Six Flags.The lunch takeover lasted a whole hour and is an experience that Benicia High School students won’t forget anytime soon.

Sophomore, Savanna Gouveia, shared her experience saying that, “The lunch takeover was super fun!” Going on with, “My favorite part was all the dancing and seeing all the fun everyone was having while doing so.” All the students had an unforgettable night so the school should definitely think about doing an event like this again.

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